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YACHT magazine

The most read Czech magazine for boat owners and sailing lovers. Advertising speaks first of all to successful men, who spend their free time actively.


Editorial and advertising:

YACHT, s.r.o., Nedvědovo náměstí 14,
147 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 777 722 133
e-mail: info@yacht.cz


Basic information:

Founded from 1994
Frequency: ten issues per year
Issues: 10 500 copies
Price: 99 CZK/4,69 EUR
Print, Range, Bind: full colour, 100 - 120 pages, V2


Distribution in the Czech and Slovak Republics:
•     Subscription for boat owners and active sailors
•     Direct mail for V.I.P.
•     Boat shops and chandleries
•     Exclusive places – selected restaurants, clinics, lobby bars, hotels, car salons...       
•     Distribution companies PNS, PressMedia

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